Construction management

Individual project needs vary just as the personalities of our individual clients vary, meaning that no two projects should be managed alike. Years of experience has shown us that, each client prefers certain communication and management methods.

At Castleblayney Construction, we understand that your project is an investment in your business and we make it our business to not only be your contractor but to be a partner in your investment. Successful project management includes the key aspects listed below with “Good Communication” as the primary link that brings a project to life.

  • Communication
  • Due Diligence
  • Pre-Lease Review
  • Project Delivery
  • Team Selection
  • Construction Administration
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Technology
  • Bid Negotiation
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Dispute Resolution

Our Castleblayney team  will work with your team to develop and outline a plan for your project. Our focus is a cost-effective and quality outcome with less stress on you during your project investment. Years of experience allow us to select from a wide range of project execution methods and we will guide you on creating a plan that meets your objectives.

General Construction

At the core of Castleblayney Construction is our commitment to a quality result delivered through superior service. We emphasize the focus on service throughout all aspects of a project which not only affects you as our client but this emphasis also extends to our subcontractors and suppliers since each and every component of a project ultimately combine to produce the overall result of any project. Good communication creates a foundation of transparency to allow for positive working relationships with our clients and suppliers. We look forward to extending our commitment of superior service to you.

In-House Design

To compliment and support our core construction business, we offer in-house design and consultancy services. Many projects, large and small, often require design work that is unforeseen until certain phases of a project. Our focus on a quality outcome with a cost-effective result led to the creation of our design group.