Who We Are

Castleblayney Construction was formed in 1999 by W.E. Blayney to offer construction services to the Greater Houston, Texas area. Our company name is in honor of family heritage linked to the Blayney Castle in Ireland in a town that came to be known as Castleblayney. The land the current castle was built on was granted to a Welsh soldier named Sir Edward Blayney in 1607 as a reward for constructing a defensive stone castle on the site. The castle that stands today was built in the 1780s for Andrew Blayney who was the 11th Barron Blayney.

The estate was later sold to Henry Thomas Hope in 1853 and was eventually renamed Hope Castle. At one point in time, the castle housed a notable family heirloom more commonly known as the “Hope Diamond.”  We hope to soon be a part of your successful history by partnering with you on your next project endeavor.

No Stone Left Unturned

Individual project needs vary just as the personalities of our individual clients vary, meaning that no two projects should be managed alike. Years of experience has shown us that, each client prefers certain communication and management methods.